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In the future of the DCAU universe, the mantle of The Bat has been taken up by successor Terry McGinnis. His backup is and aged Bruce. See pictures and profiles of dogs named ace on Ace is a name given to one who excels, and it means "number one, the best". Connotations of superiority come from the fact that ace is the playing card with.


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Advertise on petMD — A Pet Media Network Property. Cut to Batman walking out of the fantasy land as things return to normal with her lifeless body in his arms. When appropriate, dogs earning honorable mention will be cited. Trained to be a fighting dog who then escaped and helped old Bruce randomly fight off a member of the Jokerz gang. Learn more about the strength of the human-animal bond. Why not use that name if you want to honor him? Please confirm the information below before signing in. Love This Name 8. He is my Best Bud. Writers are notorious for adding this kind of nuance. What's your email address? Food, drink, and popular culture are current favorite themes.